Rose Bud Egg & FREE Necklace

rose bud egg & free necklace

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Russia's most celebrated yolk hero

The Czar’s jeweler was a genius. As the creator of decorative pieces for Russia’s royalty, the master craftsman and his assistants created dozens of unique Imperial Eggs. No two were the same and each is now worth a fortune. He invented new jewelry techniques, created bold colors and pushed his elite group of artists to boldly go where even they had not gone before.

It’s fitting then that we pay tribute to Russia’s legendary royal egg art with some innovation of our own. These decorative, enameled eggs evoke the style of the Romanov masterpieces. Regal colors dance among the ornate, hand-painted designs and each egg rests elegantly on a gold-finished, crystal-studded stand. The hinged eggs flip open for storage or display of the miniature Egg that we’ve tucked inside. The Rose Bud Egg dangles from your FREE 24" gold-finished chain. Truly eggs-quisite!

  • Oval Shaped Jewelry Egg
  • 176 grams Weight
  • (1) 24" Gold Fused Necklace WithMiniature Egg Pendant
  • Pendant Measurements 22mm Drop 15mm Wide
  • Bejeweled With Crystals
  • 4.5cm Diameter 7cm Height
  • Magnetic
  • Gold FusedStand
  • Enameled Interior and Exterior

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Absolutely Beautiful!

The egg itself was perfect. The DiamondAura was sparkly, the gold had a beautiful sheen, and the red glaze that covered the egg and pendant had a luster to it that only hand-painted things do. However, the design on the pendant slightly resembles a Christian cross, if looked at from afar. I am an atheist, and I feel embarassed whenever I wear it in public. It could just be matrixing for me, but if you are afraid of having your religion mistaken, you might want to try for a different egg.


Felton, CA

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Rose Bud Egg is Superb!

I purchased the Rose Bud egg as a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife, who was obviously delighted with it. Its quality was equal to that of the superb Viridian Sea egg I purchased for her earlier and which she treasures (She commented about the Viridian Sea egg, “Faberge himself would approve of this one!”). She thought the heart design of the Rose Bud egg perfect for the occasion. I admit to being quite amused by a previous self-professed atheist’s “embarrassment” by the cross on the enclosed pendant of a Rose Bud egg he had purchased. It is an equilateral cross, not a crucifix cross – a design element that goes back to cave-dweller art. Both my wife’s and my Viking ancestors employed equilateral crosses as design elements long before Christianity reached Danmark. The Rose Bud egg is a gorgeous piece and an excellent bargain for anyone!

J. B.N.

Monticello, Minnesota