Aphrodisias Pink Chalcedony Set

aphrodisias pink chalcedony set

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The stone that started it all

The Ancient Greeks knew how to rock. You want proof? Just look at what they left behind. Not only is the beauty of their creations still evident in the ruins of their temples and sculptures, but archeological digs in Ancient Greece have also unearthed what may be the oldest mineral used as a gemstone… chalcedony.

Dating from as far back as 10,000 B.C., it could be said that the fancy delights scientists uncovered are truly the origins of luxury. And so it seems especially fitting that Stauropolis, the city from which Stauer gets its name, was located just a stone’s throw away from where that ancient chalceony was discovered (apparently we’ve been at the forefront of creating the world’s most beautiful things for longer than we even thought).

Once we realized how directly we were connected to the stone that started it all, we couldn’t miss the chance to offer you our Aphrodisias Pink Chalcedony Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Set. Crafted of the same material as those ancient adornments, our Aphrodisias collection is a parade of smooth chalcedony nuggets that display a hue as soft and beautiful as the petals of a pink rose. Hand-knotted on jeweler’s thread, each lozenge is naturally formed and unique, making every piece a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Stauropolis (located in what is now modern-day Turkey) was once named Aphrodisias in honor of the goddess of love and was considered a Greek haven for sculptors, poets, philosophers, and anyone else who knew how to enjoy the finer things in life… so we can only imagine that people there decorated themselves in dynamic displays of chalcedony. Which is why just a necklace would never be enough. To get the full experience of wearing a gem almost as old as time itself, you need more. So we’re giving you the chance to combine the soothingly sweet color of the necklace with a matching bracelet and elegant earrings.


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