Aphrodite Sapphire & Pearl Complete Set

Aphrodite Sapphire & Pearl Complete Set

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The goddess makeover

Bring home this stunning 53-carat sapphire pendant and ring set and we'll include the cultured pearl necklace ($299 value) as a BONUS!

We're going to try something brave, maybe even blasphemous. We're going to try and improve on perfection. The story goes that when Aphrodite rose majestically from the sea, she was without doubt the most beautiful deity that had ever been seen. Of course, with Aphrodite's oceanic origins, we think her jewelry of choice would have been a pendant and ring of pearls, nature's organic gemstones which come out of the water ready to wear, just as Aphrodite emerged from the waves fully formed.

Our Aphrodite Pendant & Ring Set goes one better by adding sumptuous 53-carats of enhanced sapphire, the only gemstone that can hope to match the big deep blue of the ocean. But who are we kidding? No matter how many jewels we adorn Aphrodite with, they're all going to be a distant second to the sparkle in her eyes. We can't improve on perfection, we can only pay tribute to her beauty with this beautiful pendant, ring and bonus gift.

  • 1 ring
  • 1 enhancer pendant
  • 1 pearl necklace
  • 59 5/6 carats total weight

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