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One Giant Leap for Eye Protection

Experience unparalleled visual clarity with astronaut-tested Eagle Eyes® Apollo™ Gold sunglasses

Even though a mission to repair the International Space Station seems more dramatic than a morning commute, your personal safety is no less important. That's why Eagle Eyes® is proud to introduce the advanced Apollo Gold™ optical sunglasses, developed from original NASA Optical Lens Technology.

Eye-protection inspired by nature. NASA's team of scientists originally looked to nature for a solution to eye protection which led them to their studies on how eagles can simultaneously distinguish their prey from their surroundings with utmost precision, while protecting their eyes from sunlight. Their surprising findings revealed that eagles have unique oil droplets in their eyes that actually filter out all harmful radiation and permit only specific wavelengths of light to enter their eyes, resulting in extremely powerful visual acuity. NASA scientists independently replicated this same technology into Eagle Eyes® Apollo Gold™ optical sunglasses, serious sun-protection that offers 12 distinct performance levels in a single lens. Eagle Eyes® Apollo Gold™, polarized lens technology was tested to enhance vision while protecting from the suns harmful UVA, UVB radiation and blue-light.

Unparalleled clarity. With their triple filtering system, Eagle Eyes® reduces the blinding glare you may encounter while driving or enjoying outside activities. This technology produces unparalleled visual clarity, contrast and definition and blocks the harsh UV light while enhancing the colors of your environment. All of this with a "no smudge"/no fingerprint Oleo phobic coating.

The Eagle Eyes® Apollo Gold™ frames feature an aggressive ergonomic design with 2X scratch-resistant coatings, affording maximum durability while maintaining crack and impact resistance. The corrosion resistant frames also feature hypo-allergenic, fully adjustable silicon nose pads and EZ-Glide™ wire-core, non-slip and self-adjusting temples to provide all-day comfort while giving you the perfect fit.

  • Hydrophobic Coat Repels Moisture, Fog and Water
  • Cuts Both Direct and ReflectiveGlare
  • Repels Abrasion
  • Non Slip Self Adjusting Wire Core Temples
  • Anti-staticGuard Coat Repels Dust
  • Crack and Impact Resistant Lens
  • Smudge & Finger PrintResistant Coat
  • Optical Grade AR Anti- Reflective Coating
  • Sea and Salt WaterResistant Coat
  • High Color Contrast
  • handmade Frames in Tortoise and Gunmetalstainless Steel
  • 2X Scratch Resistant Lens
  • 100% UVA UVB and Blue LightProtection
  • Temple Width of 5 11/16"

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