australian pacific golden 12mm bracelet

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In the South Pacific we found jewels made by living creatures— and one can walk upright!

Legend has it that pearls are formed when a rainbow touches the earth. But in reality, the beginnings of these jewels are just as unique. The giant pearls of the South Seas are the largest gems that come from a living creature, the massive pinctada maxima oyster. Well, these pearls are way too expensive to be worn in public and often sell for more than $35,000 a strand. We found another living creature who lives in the south Pacific, named William, who found a way to carve the nacre out of giant oysters and make jewelry with the same organic ingredients as these rare natural pearls. We believe that our Australian Pacifics are better looking than the South Sea Pearls since they are more symmetrical in shape. But both have that ethereal golden color and large size that is so prized by jewelry designers. We would love for you to try these wonders from the South Pacific Rim so we have drastically reduced the price on our 12mm bracelet.

  • 12mm diameter
  • Jeweler's double knotted thread
  • Tarnish free sterling silver

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