Azurite-Malachite Necklace

azurite-malachite necklace

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The colors of Monet

After millions of years, nature’s impressionist masterpieces are ready to hang!

French painter Claude Monet was most at home surrounded by nature. He considered his beloved backyard gardens in Giverny, “my most beautiful masterpiece.” For him, the sprawling flower beds and quiet, lily-covered ponds were a sanctuary and the ideal place to translate the colors of nature to canvas. Few artists did justice to natural beauty like Monet. Perhaps the only one who came close was Mother Nature herself.

If you need proof, just gaze into the smooth discs on our Azurite-Malachite Necklace. Each natural beauty pops with as much vivid color as a miniature Impressionist masterpiece painted by Monet himself. This necklace is like a strand of brilliant canvasses painted one stroke at a time... over millions of years. No two links are exactly alike.

Back in the days when artists crafted their own colors, blue azurite and green malachite were among the most popular and valuable pigments. They had a depth and permanence that the world’s finest artists found irresistible. Though often found separately, we’ve acquired a collection in which azurite and malachite are seductively swirled together, with each polished disc a tiny, wearable piece of art. Nature painted them. We’ve collected them. Now all they need is a beautiful place to hang.

  • 78.5 grams
  • 20mm disc
  • 19" length with a 2" extender
  • Claw Clasp

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