Balinese Scroll Ring

balinese scroll ring

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Bali’s next big thing?

Normally, we’d fill this space telling you about some new great innovation in jewelry. We’d explain how this ring is the latest craze in Bali, or how metalworkers have just discovered some revolutionary new silver formula. But the truth is that there is no "new big thing" in Bali. The truth is that the Indonesian island perfected their style of silverwork hundreds of years ago—and they aren’t about to change it now. These artisan families passed their secrets from generation to generation, creating their own unique style of jewelry over the centuries.

From this paradise in the Indian Ocean we bring you the Balinese Scroll Ring. This ring’s pattern is inspired by the movement of the waves off the shores of Indonesia, and its beautiful and iconic design is pure Bali. What better way to show her your love is meant to last than with a ring that’s already had a head start of a few hundred years?

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • 29.79mm long
  • 3.86mm high
  • 5.9 grams weight

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