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Romance is not extinct

This stunning Baltica Amber Necklace wasn't born yesterday. Each gleaming piece likely first appeared on Earth more than 44 million years ago. That means, by the time men and women took their first long walks on the beach, these translucent treasures were just begging to be noticed. And it's hard to imagine that anyone who got a glimpse of its smooth-polished beauty could settle for just one.

We like to believe that prehistoric relationships were so much simpler. Back then, if you were a man who could provide shelter, food and protection from saber-toothed tigers, you were set. Survival came first. Romantic gifts came last, if at all. Sure, some exceptionally thoughtful caveman probably brought home handfuls of seashells or wild berries that he picked up on the hunt. But there was no pressure from society to spend big – primarily because there were no such things as money or society.

It's easy to believe that a lack of luxury made love lives less complicated. But if you think that Neanderthal Romeos had it easy, today you've got it even easier because you don't have to go searching along the shore or diving the frigid waters off the Amber Coast. Your ancient treasure can be delivered right to your door.

Collected from the historic amber deposits of the Baltic Sea, the smooth pebbles of genuine natural amber in this extraordinary necklace reflects a spectrum of earthy colors from light caramel and honey to whiskey and deep molasses. Each individual droplet is uniquely colored and shaped, ensuring that your necklace is a one-of-a-kind pair of fossilized art.

Something so positively prehistoric has never seemed so civilized.

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