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Become a real “Man of Steel™”

Choose your super hero—or pair them up—with our Superman™ and Batman™ signet rings

When you were young, all it took was a makeshift cape and a little imagination to become the Man of Steel™ or The Dark Knight™ of Gotham City. Once you tucked that pillowcase into the collar of your shirt, it was bad news for the bad guys. You were suddenly indestructible. You were a super hero.

Growing up makes it harder to indulge our super hero aspirations, but they are still there. Maybe you daydream about flying high above traffic or speeding off to save the world from imminent disaster. You can escape to the darkness of the movies and let Hollywood reignite your childhood hopes for a few hours at a time. But back in the daylight, you still crave a piece of the action, you still want to feel like a hero. Before you start wearing a cape to the office, we’d like to propose something more... discreet.

The Superman™ Signet Ring is a stunning tribute to the spirit of the Man of Steel. Ruggedly crafted from stainless steel and detailed with bold red enamel, this ring is the perfect way to show off your not-so-secret identity.

If you prefer the brooding, crime busting tactics of the caped crusader, our Batman™ Signet Ring sends a striking message in brushed stainless steel that you proudly back Bruce Wayne. The sleek, bat-shaped silhouette will strike fear in the hearts of evildoers and envy in the eyes of super hero fans wherever you wear it.

The stories of Superman and Batman have become part of modern mythology. Ever since their comic book debuts in the late 1930s (Superman in 1938 and Batman in 1939), these larger-than-life heroes have become cultural icons. Their stories have spanned generations and their appeal has never wavered. You’ve thrilled to their exploits in comic books, tuned in to their adventures on television and cheered them on the big screen. Now it’s time to join their ranks and become someone more... heroic.

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