black lambskin bomber jacket

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The jacket that won the war

My uncle owes his life to his leather jacket, which means I do as well. Shot down on a bombing run over occupied France in 1943, he landed in the French countryside in the dead of winter. According to the old man, the only reason he didn’t freeze to death that night was his lambskin leather jacket, lambskin leather being softer and warmer than the standard stuff. You don’t beat Hitler with any old leather. My uncle survived the frosty night and found a friendly-looking farmhouse the next morning, which just happened to be part of the French Resistance. And the rest is history. And, according to him, top secret, which I think is just his way of not wanting to show off.

When he finally came home in 1945, multiple missions accomplished, he was still wearing that jacket, and didn’t see any reason to stop. He still wears it today. "Why would I want a new jacket," he always says, "when I have the best jacket in the world right here?" Inspired by my uncle, we offer you the Black Lambskin Bomber, made of that same soft, warm material. May it bring you the long, happy life that he’s still enjoying as you read this, still greeting my aunt with "Bonjour mon amour!" every morning.

  • Soft lambskin Bomber
  • Imitation Fur Zipout Lining
  • Available in sizes S - XXXL

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