Blue Petal Pendant & Sterling Silver 3-strand Chain

blue petal pendant & sterling silver 3-strand chain

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Blue has never been so romantically red hot

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Some say that the blue sapphire is the most romantic of gems. Sapphires dive to the heart of romance, and to the depths of the soul. The sapphire’s rich blue hues are said to inspire love and loyalty, harmony and faithfulness. Even royalty, throughout history, has turned to the blue sapphire for the making of extraordinary engagement rings.

These days, men usually show their love with the simplest of things: flowers. So we created the Blue Petal Pendant and Chain, a flower comprised of our fiery, lab-created Scienza® Sapphire and DiamondAura® stones that dangle an 18" Sterling Silver 3-Strand Chain . Man-made in forges that were designed to recreate the forces of Mother Earth, our brilliant Scienza sapphires are so identical to natural sapphires that only gemologists can tell the difference.

Sixteen glimmering, royal blue sapphires are set into a .925 sterling silver flower, along with more than 70 sparkling DiamondAura stones, totaling almost 6- carats. Ordinary flowers will wither and die, but our Blue Petal sapphires will forever show her the infinite depths of your heart.

  • Set includes Pendant & Chain
  • 5.9 Carats Total Weight
  • 1 1/3" Drop
  • 18"Sterling Silver 3-Strand Chain

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