Blue Zircon Earrings

blue zircon earrings

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We found the ends of the Earth and it looks spectacular

The expedition of a lifetime yields a sparkling cache of rare blue zircon—the oldest gemstone on Earth!

It is undoubtedly the most brilliant rare blue stone that we’ve ever seen in the world and the trek to find it took us to the ends of the Earth. In deep northwestern Cambodia, it was 14 hours on a rickety bus from the capital to Rattanakiri’s only town. Unpaved roads that could barely be called roads at all, across rivers that weren’t even on our map, and finally driving past the ancient love huts that are the romantic traditions of the Kreung people.

We found what we were looking for: rare, natural zircon, Earth’s oldest known substance, is a scintillating stone worth traveling to the ends of the Earth to behold. Acquiring these stones for the long trek home was a pleasure. The Kreung people are incredibly friendly and they must be doing something right… some reports say that they have the lowest divorce rate on earth. Maybe these magnificent blue zircon earrings are the secret.

These stunning, 24-carat total weight Blue Zircon Earrings are incredibly well priced even though the Gem Institute of America states that, “Because they’re in greater demand, blue zircons usually command higher prices than any other varieties...”

What makes Blue Zircon stand above all other stones including diamonds? Amazingly, natural Cambodian zircons have no visible inclusions so the stones are amazingly clear to the eye. But it is the incomparable color that really stands out. The outstanding fire — the tendency to split light into the various colors of the spectrum — can rival any blue diamond. Very dense, the radiant blue stone is quite hard, very clear and simply stunning. Once you see it, you’ll fall in love with this exotic beauty from the ends of the Earth.

  • 24 carats total weight
  • 10.46 grams weight
  • 23.8mm Diameter
  • Omega Lever back
  • 6mmthick
  • Gold Finished over Sterling Silver

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