boegli vivaldi musicale pocket watch

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How to fit a Vivaldi concerto in your pocket

In the mid-18th-century, if you wanted to crank up your home stereo, you literally had to crank it up. Mechanical music boxes were the cutting edge sound systems of the day and Europe's wealthiest would gather and listen in wonder to the melodious machines. Legendary composers like Beethoven, Handel, Hadyn and Mozart created exclusive music for these ornate parlor machines. And then one ambitious watchmaker had the revolutionary idea of making the music portable.

More than 150 years later, the stunning Vivaldi Musicale Pocket Watch still feels revolutionary. Even in the age of smartphones and mp3 players, there is something magical about watching the precisely tuned teeth of the comb plink and ping off of the slow-turning cylinder. But creating a reliable timepiece with a music player is a truly rare feat. Only a handful of the finest Swiss watchmakers mastered the miniaturization skills that a complicated musical watch demanded. And unfortunately, the number of capable craftsmen has since dwindled to almost nothing.

But in our quest to reproduce these unique vintage treasures, we were lucky enough to find one of the few artisans still committed to keeping the fine art alive. The Boegli name has a rich hierological history in Switzerland. And the long-respected watchmakers have partnered with the legendary Reuge Company (founded by the man credited with creating the very first musical pocket watch in 1865), to create a unique and exclusive collectible musical timepiece that recall great works of art found mostly in museums and at luxury auctions. Because it unites the two most respected names in pocket watches, the Vivaldi Musicale ranks as a truly rare treasure for the serious watch collector.

Each Swiss-Made pocket watch is driven by a 17-jewel, manual wind Swiss movement. The open-faced case is fashioned of polished, rhodium-plated brass and houses a textured, ivory-colored dial. The oval, Roman numeral watch face sits at the top and a skeleton-type mechanical movement is visible through the dial. Each face also features Vivaldi's name and the selection designed to play on the music box: "Les 4 Saisons" ("The Four Seasons"). A special production process has been developed to keep the two movements without vibration, to guarantee a sound that is as accurate as it is pure. The system for starting and stopping the music function, and the key for rewinding the watch, are all located on the back of the timepiece.

We're honored to have the chance to share these musical masterpieces with our clients, but feel obliged to tell you that the supply will not last forever. Building a fine Swiss musical watch is an incredibly complex process that only a handful of people in the world are capable of doing well. As you can imagine, production is extremely-limited. Every year, similar special issues attract the attention of international collectors and watch historians. If you're at all interested in owning a spectacular example of hierological art, consider this your musical cue.

  • Rhodium over Brass case
  • Rhodium over Brass back
  • 3ATM water resistant
  • Rhodiumover brass Crown
  • Swiss Made
  • 17 Jewels
  • Manual Musical Swiss Movement
  • Skeleton Music box window
  • Plays “Les 4 Saisons”
  • Winding component for themusic box at the back of the case
  • Roman Numerals
  • 53.77mm case diameter
  • 14.8mmcase thickness
  • Mineral Crystal
  • Accompanied with an 11” CHAIN
  • Solid Back

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Vivaldi Pocket Watch

This is truly one of the most unique pocket watches I''ve ever seen. I am a watch collector and I enjoy this time piece very much. I have looked at purchasing it a very long time and now that I have, what took me so long. Beautiful in every way.

Dr. L. R. B.

Coral Springs, FL