Bolero Musical Jewelry Box

bolero musical jewelry box

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Size matters

It’s a good thing that some traditions change. In the early 1800s, the first music boxes were enormous — huge boxes of synchronized clockwork, ranging from tabletop devices to music boxes as large as a chair. And they weren’t originally used to hold jewelry — they were giant, glorified snuff boxes for the 19th Century hoi polloi. The music boxes we offer at Stauer are today’s traditional, personal boxes for jewelry and valuables, that play classic movements on miniature, wind-up mechanisms and cylinders — just like our new Bolero Music Box.

Handmade and imported from Italy, this beautiful, Sorrento inlaid music box plays its namesake, 1928 ballet by Maurice Ravel. The box’s high gloss and the careful attention to highlighting the colors and grains of the natural, Italian wood are hallmarks of Italy’s skilled craftspeople, who take pride that every music box they make is absolutely unique. The interior is lined in soft, red velvet. Designed by artist Hedy Kagan at the Splendid Music Box Company, the Bolero is a one-of-a-kind prize — a box of wonder that will bring joy to the lady in your life.

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