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An unconventional evening

“Cafe Terrace at Night” by Vincent van Gogh”

Arles, France. September, 1888. VanGogh sets down his brushes to pen a letter to his sister Wilhemina. Even when he isn't painting, he is thinking about painting. Writing about painting. He shares his excitement for his current work, a street scene captured at night on the cobblestone streets of the Place du Forum. He writes, "Here you have a night painting without black, with nothing but beautiful blue and violet and green and in this surrounding the illuminated area colors itself sulfur pale yellow and citron green. It amuses me enormously to paint the night right on the spot. Normally, one draws and paints the painting during the daytime after the sketch. But I like to paint the thing immediately... it is the only way to get away from our conventional night with poor pale whitish light, while even a simple candle already provides us with the richest of yellows and oranges."

You can visit the same corner today and stand in the very spot where the artist positioned his easel (the eatery has since been renamed The Cafe Van Gogh). Wherever it hangs, this piece becomes a vivid window into 19th-century France, as seen through the eyes of a true master.

Turn your living room into the Louvre

As an art lover, I would stand in the Musee d'Orsay all day, hypnotized by the tiny brush strokes and sublime swirls of color. And part of me always wanted to bring home a Picasso, Matisse or a Van Gogh. But then there was always that issue of price. I never seemed to have an extra $100 million lying around. Now I don't need it. Not since we discovered these stunning hand-painted reproductions of some of the greatest works of art in history.

Officially, I'm not an art historian. But I've been to some of the finest museums in the world and have to say that the detail and craftsmanship in these paintings is remarkable. If you've ever stood face to face with a true masterpiece, you know that there's no substitute for real oil paint on canvas. These reproductions are created one brush stroke at a time, by classically trained artists. There's no computer manipulation and no assembly line. In fact, it takes at least 10 days before the paintings are even dry enough to handle. Each masterpiece reproduction is a genuine, hand-painted oil on canvas, set into a sturdy, antique-gilded frame. Each work (including frame) measures 20" x 24". Specific frame design details may vary.

  • Hand painted in oil
  • 28” x 24” framed
  • Antique gilded frame
  • Original Artist—Vincent Van Gogh

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