Catalyst Link Necklace

catalyst link necklace

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Start a chain reaction

This is no ordinary necklace. Wearing it immediately boosts your IQ by 45 points. It allows you to run faster, jump higher and do more one-handed push-ups than ever before. In case of an emergency, it can be used to tow cars, fish for sharks or rappel down sheer canyon walls. Did I mention the subtle, subliminal effect it has on the ladies? It’s uncanny.

Of course, none of that is true. The men’s Catalyst Link Necklace won’t give you super powers, it only feels that way. But wearing a necklace this good-looking does things that not even science can explain. When you look better, you feel better. And confidence is contagious. It sets off a chain reaction (pun intended) that has the potential to change your life. You can go ahead and dismiss me as an incurable optimist. But do me a favor and wear the necklace first.

Our Catalyst Link Necklace is constructed of the finest stainless steel, including links that have been finished in glistening gold. And we doubled each link on the 24" necklace to add strength and just enough weight to remind you that you’re wearing it. We realize that this sort of bold accessory isn’t for every man. But that’s what makes it such a good idea. So go ahead... join the chain gang.

  • 24” long
  • 52 gram weight
  • 6.9mm wide
  • Stainless steel two tonedlinks
  • lobster claw clasp

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