Courage of Love Pin/ Pendant & Free Mitsuko Pearl Necklace

courage of love pin/ pendant & free mitsuko pearl necklace

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Love’s highest honor

I always enjoy a conversation with a military man. But one I had recently really left an impression on me. The gentlemen told me how years ago, when he was still a cadet, he ended up at a dinner party filled with some of the service’s finest. There were generals and war heroes, their dress coats covered in colorful stripes and shining medals. But it was the general’s wife he met and the badge she wore he remembered most.

It was just one, and it was actually a diamond brooch, but to him, it was her medal of honor. She told him how her husband gave it to her before leaving for the war, and she’d worn it ever since as a constant reminder of the man dedicated to his country but even more to his wife. It was a symbol of all that she had endured—the pride, the worry, the relief and the steadfast faith.

Our Courage of Love Pin features a lovely, luminescent orb set in the center of an elegant floral design. The loop and swirl of a loyal ribbon running through it makes it our tribute to women just like the general’s wife. Finished in silver and covered with remarkably bright lab-created DiamondAura®, this medal of love should be awarded to only the highest ranking woman in your life.

  • 10 grams weight
  • 12mm shell pearl
  • 1 ¾” length
  • 24.74mm width
  • 1” back pin
  • .925sterling silver
  • Accented with lab created DiamondAura

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