Daria Red Agate Necklace

daria red agate necklace

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Prepare your acceptance speech

You always knew her as the shy one. She only spoke when spoken to and, even then, only in a whisper. She was the understudy of her own life, waiting offstage for her chance to step into the spotlight. But when you ran into her years later, she was hosting an awards ceremony. She commanded the room from a podium in front of hundreds of distinguished guests. She was a changed woman. Confident. Captivating. Her transformation was complete. But what was her secret?

It may well have been the agate necklaace she was wearing. After all, there’s an ancient belief that red agate (or carnelian) has the power to cure a weak voice and timid speech. A famous 13th-century text prescribes the stone for actors and public speakers. While the agate might have been what gave her courage, it was certainly what helped her look stunning.

Our Daria Drop Necklace is loaded with 100 carats of bold, Brazilian red agate. The glistening red beads are set between spacers finished in luxurious gold.

  • 100 carats total weight
  • 14K gold layered spacers
  • 16" length
  • 14K gold-layeredlobster clasp
  • 2" extender
  • 30 gram weight

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