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Unrock Her World

Because she deserves more fire than a diamond.

You want to impress the woman of your dreams. You want her to see you as romantic, thoughtful and smart. But you don’t want to fork over a fortune for a microscopic piece of “forever.” Thankfully, the Ziara Ring shows that there’s a better, bigger and bolder way to win her heart and “unrock” her world.

Diamonds are history. Bypass the mines. Ignore the price-controlling cartels. Forget the overpriced shops along Fifth Avenue. The Diamond Myth dominated the 20th-century, but now there is cold, hard scientific proof that Stauer’s exclusive lab-created DiamondAura® is the brightest jewelry idea in the last 100 years. Gem experts agree that the centerpiece of our 4 ¼-carat Ziara Ring doesn’t just visually compare to the rarest, most expensive mined white diamonds on the planet... it surpasses them!

Science, not fiction. Thanks to DiamondAura, you can experience superior clarity and larger carat weights without the outrageous cost of natural diamonds. The DiamondAura process starts with rare minerals heated to high temperatures of nearly 5000°F. After cutting and polishing, scientists create an impeccable marvel that’s optically brighter and clearer with even more color and fire than a "D" flawless diamond... for a fraction of the price!

Not available in stores. Our Ziara Ring features a spectacular 4¼-carat, lab-created DiamondAura brilliant with baguettes set in .925 sterling silver. If you’d rather have a mined diamond, we found a 4-carat D flawless online for $370,467. Ridiculous? We think so.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. No words or pictures do DiamondAura justice. You need to experience the sparkle up close. If for any reason you don’t fall in love with your Ziara Ring, simply send it back it within 30 days for a full refund of your full purchase price.

Exclusive DOUBLE BONUS Offer! While supplies last, we’ll also send you our 1-ctw sterling silver DiamondAura Studs ($99 value) for FREE! Plus, when you order today, you’ll also get $300 in Stauer Gift Coupons ($25 to use every month for 12 months with no minimum purchase required)! Even if you return the ring, you’re welcome to keep the FREE studs (and coupons)! There’s never been a better time to unrock her world!

  • 4 ¼ carats total weight
  • .925 sterling silver
  • Available in size 5– 10
  • (1) 10mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (6) 2mm round lab createdDiamondAura
  • (2) 3mm x 1.5mm x 1mm tapered baguette lab created DiamondAura
  • (2)3mm x 1.5mm baguette lab created DiamondAura
  • (2) 3mm x 2mm x 1.5mm taperedbaguette lab created DiamondAura

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This ring is wonderful. The picture does not do this ring justice. Every woman should own this!!


Panama City Beach, Florida

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What a beautiful ring. Beautiful presence. Fit it a little big. Sometimes, a girl needs a little extra bling and this ring delivers. I love the aura line.


Urbandale, Iowa

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Great ring, great value........incredibly stunning! Your lady will love it!


Gulf Shores, AL