DiamondAura Maravilla Necklace

diamondaura maravilla necklace

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She deserves more than diamonds...

Give her more sparkle and fire for a fraction of the price!

They do the same dance before every night out. By now, they’ve memorized the steps. He takes the shower first and then surrenders the room. She takes the driver’s seat at the vanity while he checks the score of the game. While he slips into his suit—muttering about doing more sit-ups—she disappears into the walk-in closet and emerges like a vision.

He gets a silly grin and she asks him what he’s looking at. "You look wonderful tonight," he says. She blushes a bit and tells him that he’s just being nice. She straightens his tie and snaps his cufflinks in place. He zips her dress up and plants a soft kiss on the back of her neck. Then he pulls a fast one.

"You shouldn’t have!" she says. But she’s glad he did.

Just when he thought she couldn’t look any more beautiful, the DiamondAura® Maravilla Necklace proves him wrong. Once the necklace is secured around her neck, it looks as if it was meant to be there all along. The marquise-cut pendant shines back with the brilliance of the North Star—his North Star—and guarantees that their night on the town will be an evening of turned heads and envious whispers.

DiamondAura lets her look like a million without you spending a fortune. A similar collection of brilliant white diamonds could sell for as much as $10,000. But thanks to the advanced science behind DiamondAura, you can experience transparent clarity and larger carat weights without the outrageous cost of mined stones. DiamondAura is crafted using an incredibly complex process that involves heating rare minerals to temperatures of nearly 5000°F.

After expert cutting and polishing, every lab-created DiamondAura retains the classic jeweler’s specifications including color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. DiamondAura not only emulates the world’s most perfect diamonds... it surpasses them. The color dispersion (fire) is actually superior to "D flawless" mined diamonds. You get more sparkle and impeccable beauty for a fraction of the price.

She’s delighted. He’s impressed. But while the shimmer is spectacular, it will always come in second to the loving sparkle in her eyes.

  • 1.34 ctw
  • (1) 5 x 10mm Marquise cut DiamondAura
  • (34) 1.75mm Round cutDiamondAura
  • Nickel Free
  • 18" chain with 2" extender
  • Spring Ring Clasp
  • Rhodium Plated over Brass

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