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Love Potion #7

In every great fairy tale, the sorcerers take a little science and throw in a little magic to create the perfect brew that brings two lovers together. Romance is all about chemistry and these seven brilliant stones can add just the right magical fire to raise the temperature of your secret potion. The Stauer River of Love Pendant– showcasing over 1 carat of lab-created DiamondAura®–is the perfect blend of science and sorcery.

Our gemologists have broken the code to create an impeccable beauty with even more fire than mined diamonds. DiamondAura® are hard enough to cut glass and are so clear and white that they rival a "D Flawless" diamond in terms of color and clarity. In the laboratory, we have found a way to match the brilliance and stunning reflective qualities of a diamond by using science and thus we avoid the outrageous price.

Perfection from the laboratory. We will not bore you with the details of the ingenious process, but will only say that it involves the use of rare minerals heated to an incredibly high temperature of nearly 5000˚F. This can only be accomplished inside some very modern and expensive laboratory equipment. After cutting and polishing, scientists finally created a faultless marvel that’s optically brighter and clearer, with more flashes of color. According to the book Jewelry and Gems–The Buying Guide the technique used in DiamondAura® offers, "The best diamond simulation to date, and even some jewelers have mistaken these stones for mined diamonds."

The 4 Cs. Our DiamondAura® jewelry retains every important specification: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. In purely scientific measurement terms, the fire is actually superior to that of a diamond. Fire is the dispersion of white light into a rainbow of color.

A team of cutters and polishers artistically execute each of the symmetrically brilliant cuts to maximize light reflection and refraction. Buying naturally mined diamonds can be a dangerous journey. Prices are high and often fixed, quality is subjective and the origins of the stones may be in doubt. Do you really want to worry about that? Or do you just want a look that is spectacular?

The River of Love Pendant is for that love of a lifetime. If you’re looking for the most fire, brilliance and clarity for a magnificent price, the DiamondAura® River of Love Pendant is set in fine .925 sterling silver finished in luxurious gold.

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