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The fairest of them all

See yourself in a new, luxurious light with the Vizia Collection

Believe it or not, a simple mirror was once among the most expensive items one could possibly possess. In the 17th century, the very same mirror that you gazed into this morning, would have been considered an outlandish luxury. The famous “Hall of Mirrors” at the Palace of Versailles was renowned not only for its sheer opulence, but also simply for the number of mirrors on display. When was the last time a guest was awed by the number of mirrors in your house? Probably never. But they’re sure to find the reflective power of our Vizia Collection just as spellbinding as that multitude of majestic mirrors.

The fact that even the most humble of homes can today display a mirror once fit only for a king or a queen is a clear sign of progress. Our DiamondAura® Vizia Ring delivers beauty that's palace-ready without being palace-priced. The ring showcases a prominent 3-carat, emerald-cut, lab-created, white DiamondAura beauty, framed with dozens of glistening DiamondAura baguettes, all set into a .925 sterling silver ornamental band.

Each piece in the Vizia Collection is like a hall of mirrors unto itself. We’ve chosen the emerald cut to highlight the fire and clarity of our exclusive DiamondAura creations. Mirrors only reflect light from one direction, but these scientifically-crafted gems reflect and refract light from all around them, displaying a dynamic sparkle that even the most impressive mirrors could only dream of. Forget asking that mirror mirror on the wall... when you’re wearing the Vizia Collection, you’ll know who’s the fairest of them all — you.

  • Available in sizes 5 - 10
  • (1) 9mm x 7mm Emerald shaped Lab Created DiamondAura
  • (4) 4.5mm x 1.75mm Oval Lab Created DiamondAura
  • (8) 4mm x 1.5mm tapered labcreated DiamondAura
  • (8) 3.5mm x 1.5mm tapered lab created DiamondAura
  • (2)2.75mm x 1.5mm tapered lab created DiamondAura
  • (6) 3mm x 1.5mm tapered lablab created DiamondAura
  • 4 ½ carats total weight
  • .925 sterling silver
  • 17mm wide
  • 7mm high

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