Elements of Love Necklace

elements of love necklace

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Love is a shore thing

Cascade of cultured pearls, citrine & amethyst!

No two beaches are the same. Some are covered in the softest sand, while others have nothing but stones and rocks for a floor. You can spend a day on a beach crowded with tourists and another on one so empty you feel like you’ve discovered a new land. And even if you visit the same beach every summer, that first climb over the dunes always presents a new scene. That’s because Mother Nature never leaves her shores alone, she’s always changing the landscapes with the tide and wind.

It’s a lot like love, really. Each relationship has its own unique characteristics. And just like the best beaches, a true bond knows how to weather different circumstances, take the sunny days with the stormy nights and adapt to the ever changing climate.

Embrace the rocky and smooth pattern of all of nature’s forces with the Elements of Love Necklace. A beautiful combination of white cultured pearls, grey cultured pearls and polished pieces of natural amethyst and citrine, it’s the perfect harmony of contrasting texture and color. Each element in this collection presents strands that are naturally unique, making this necklace the only one of it’s kind out there. Kind of like the perfect beach... and your perfect love.

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