Eterno Necklace

Eterno Necklace

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Some like it knot

At first glance, "The Ashley Book of Knots," doesn't read like a romance. The 1944 volume is an illustrated reference manual featuring 2,000 unique knots, their usage and histories. It's a labor of love, maybe, but not your typical love story. Unless you consider what a knot really is: an organized tangle of ropes, separate, yet nevertheless inseparable, and in the end, stronger for it. Think about it that way and suddenly it sounds much more romantic.

You won't find our Eterno Necklace anywhere in the book (we checked). But that's because it wasn't designed to lasso a mustang, secure a mizzen, or tie down a mainsail. It was designed for a higher purpose: to bind two hearts together as one. These are the kind of knots that never come undone.

These Eterno Necklace is not textbook "lover's knots" in their execution — but they share the spirit. Each strand of the knot is flexible enough to be intertwined alongside the other and seems to go on for an eternity. Crafted in Italy of luxurious gold-finished .925 sterling silver. What better way to represent the strength, flexibility and endurance of your own true love?

  • (1) 13mm
  • 20mm drop
  • 18K gold over Sterling Silver
  • 18” length
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • 3.4 grams total weight

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