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Scientific proof that true love can last

Our DiamondAura® Everlasting Anniversary Ring is a perfect circle of celebration that fuses modern science and old-fashioned romance!

Is it really possible to make the hot rush of romance last forever? We starry-eyed romantics firmly believe in ardent love that will last a lifetime. And now, new research in neuroscience proves that love does not have to fade as we grow older. After analyzing the brain activity of long-term married couples, science has discovered that, even after decades together, deep feelings of longing for one another can remain as powerful and urgent as the feelings of young couples falling in love. It is scientific proof that passionate love can live on and evidence that, over time, the bonds of love can grow ever stronger.

At Stauer, we’ve always believed in romance that could last forever, and that belief is beautifully represented by the Everlasting Anniversary Ring. Advanced technology helped us melt love and science together in a single band of unbroken sparkle. Crafted from fine .925 sterling silver, the Everlasting Anniversary Ring is an elegant statement of longevity. Channel-set with 11, lab-created DiamondAura® rounds, man-made stones whose inner fire burns brighter than a mined diamond, and almost as brightly as your love has since that very first date... a first date that has never ended.

Slip it on her finger today and she’ll cherish it forever. Our DiamondAura® Everlasting Anniversary ring is a 1-carat celebration of the past and what you’ve accomplished together, but also a solid promise for a brighter, more loving future.

  • (11)2.5mm Round lab created DiamondAura
  • (42)1.25mm Round lab createdDiamondAura
  • 1 Carat Total Weight
  • Tarnish Free .925 Sterling Silver
  • 5mm Band
  • 2.6mm Band Thickness
  • 4 grams

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Absolutely Stunning!!

This piece is absolutely stunning!! Much more beautiful than the $10,000 band I was looking at. So much sparkle and the play of light on the Diamondaura gems beats any diamond!! Love every piece I've received!! Thanks so much!!

Dolly Diamond

Columbus, OH

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Everlasting Anniversary Ring

Purchased the Everlasting Anniversary Ring and liked the way it looked so much, I ordered another ring to give as a Christmas present. The picture does NOT do this ring justice! The setting is so pretty and the stones sparkle much, much brighter than real diamonds! Loved that Stauer offered this ring at a great price. Thank you, Stauer!!!

M. C.

Burbank, IL

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opened the ring box and said WOW. beautiful sparkle, not cheap looking. looks like a $1500 ring.

velma wright

little hocking ohio19