Fortuna Black Agate Necklace

fortuna black agate necklace

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Costa Rican volcano reveals its deepest, darkest secret

Classical architecture and sculpture held no charm for Marco — for him it was all about the great outdoors. As our tour guide in Costa Rica, Marco knew every secret of the volcanoes near La Fortuna. As he led us up the steepest climb of my life at Cerro Chato, you could have sworn he was part mountain goat, barely breaking a sweat.

When we finally reached the lagoon at the top of the volcano, I pulled Marco aside. With all of his knowledge of the volcanoes and the terrain, surely he must know of a unique piece of jewelry to commemorate the climb. Marco smiled and said he knew just the thing.

Later, Marco took me to a nondescript shack off a dirt road in La Fortuna. In Spanish too rapid for me to comprehend, Marco said something to the old woman behind the counter, and she produced a stunning deep black agate necklace.

“Fortuna,” she said with a wide smile. Those mesmerizing black beads came home with me and inspired the Fortuna Black Agate Necklace. Formed by ancient volcanic lava, agate is said to have healing and calming properties for its wearer. This necklace’s deep black color gives the impression you’re staring back through the ages that formed it, and its gold-finished spacers complement the ebony spheres to showcase its incredible luster. And then there is the issue of luck...

The tiny town of La Fortuna earned its name after the eruption of the Arenal Volcano in 1968. It devastated the towns to the east, but left the western town of El Borio untouched. El Borio was renamed “La Fortuna.” There are some who believe in luck and talismans and the power of fate. Maybe that belief was behind the smile of the woman who sold me the original necklace. And maybe some of that good fortune has found its way into our version of the necklace. There’s only one way to find out...

  • 100 carats total weight
  • (74) 4mm – 8mm black agate beads
  • 18” length with a 2"extender
  • Gold Finished over brass
  • 28 grams weight

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