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How to crash the party of the century

Inspired by the beauties of the Belle Epoque, the Cabaret Necklace is your ticket to anywhere

Your name isn’t on the list. The gold leaf invitation never arrived in your mailbox. But none of that matters because you’re wearing this necklace. The Cabaret Necklace is the kind of jewelry that opens doors. Modeled after the high-fashion statement pieces of 1900’s Paris, the design dazzles with pure brilliance. Put it on and see for yourself. This is luxury that lets your imagination run wild.

Picture yourself in Paris. In 1903, the "City of Light" was the center of the world. Its streets bustled with artists, writers, poets and musicians. The can-can clubs and cafés bustled with energy. Everywhere you turned, life pulsed with possibilities. Follow the music and the laughter to a crowded cabaret. It’s packed on the dance floor, so ladies take to the tables. A chorus line forms on the bar and raised cocktail glasses sway back and forth like trees in the wind. You are surrounded by a city possessed with "joie de vivre."

Luckily, you’re more than dressed for the occasion. The Cabaret Necklace echoes the best of Edwardian jewelry, recreating the delicate and ethereal motifs made famous at Versailles. The design allows for a stunning presentation of more than 5 dozen, brilliant-cut DiamondAura® rounds. They sparkle like a night sky’s worth of stars with every sway and swish. Invited or not, the Cabaret DiamondAura Collection is the most impressive way to announce your arrival!

  • 1 1/5 carats total weight
  • (65) Round Lab created DiamondAura
  • Tarnish FreeSterling Silver
  • 18” chain
  • Spring ring clasp
  • 1 7/8” drop

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