Galileo Necklace

Galileo Necklace

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Galileo’s universal mistake

Italian jewelers recreate our galaxy in gemstones!

Remember the frisson of wonder you felt when you were a child, looking up at the night and wondering, What’s out there? We daydreamed about traveling between the planets, but we could have never imagined that one day they would be delivered to us.

Our Galileo Necklace is an exquisite 29” long chain of rose gold-finished .925 sterling silver, spaced evenly with colorful, 8mm gemstone representations of all the planets in our classic solar system, including Sol, our sun, and the moon. Each celestial body is named — in beautiful Italian — on bands that match the rose gold chain: Sol, Mercurio, Venere, Marte, Giove, Urano, Nettuno, Plutone, and Luna. Dangling under the clasp is Saturno, ringed in matching rose gold, and an 18mm Earth — Terra — with rose gold continents surrounding the beautiful blue stone.

Galileo Galilei was the 17th-century astronomer who first proved that the sun, not the earth, was the focal point around which our solar system’s planets revolved. More than three centuries later, his namesake necklace proves him wrong... because once it graces the heavenly body of the woman you love, she automatically becomes the center of the universe.

  • (1)16mm Round Sodalite
  • (1)8mm Round Yellow Agate
  • (1)8mm Round White Agate
  • (1)8mm Round Jasper
  • (1)8mm Round Green Aventurine
  • (1)8mm Round Tiger’s Eye
  • (1)8mm Round Botswana Agate
  • (1)8mm Round Peach Aventurine
  • (1)8mm Round RedJasper
  • (1)8mm Round Sodalite
  • (1)8mm Round Labradorite
  • 18K Rose Gold plated.925 Sterling Silver
  • 28” Length
  • Lobster Clasp
  • 31 grams

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