Gold-finished DiamondAura® 8-Stone Pendant

gold-finished diamondaura® 8-stone pendant

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True love served with a twist

The perfect alignment of romantic energy

Romance is all about chemistry. But passion doesn't follow an equation. There is no formula for falling in love. Or maybe there is. The brilliant chemists behind DiamondAura® think that they're simply crafting transparent masterpieces. But we know they add a little magic. Something to quicken the pulse. Bring blush to the cheeks. That's why today we're adding a romantic twist of our own.

In the Middle Ages, they believed that there were eight fixed or "unmoving" stars in the sky. Those sparkling stars represented the perfect alignment of planetary energy. And we could think of no better symbol of enduring romance than by collecting all of those "stars" in one place. The 8-Stone Perfection Pendant showcases an opulent octet of graduated, lab-created DiamondAura rounds set in 14K gold-layered sterling silver. The pendant dangles beautifully, with a graceful curve designed to catch every flicker of light.

It doesn't matter what message of love you want to send, this pendant speaks volumes. Talented cutters and polishers transform each DiamondAura into a symmetrical masterpiece of 58 facets. Simple and sophisticated, the Perfection Pendant shimmers like a symphony, exploding with transparent clarity. Science made it beautiful. Stauer made it affordable. But your love makes it perfect.

  • Available in Gold over silver or 925 sterling silver
  • (8) round lab createdDiamondAura
  • 3/5 carat total weight
  • (1) 3.5mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (1)3.25mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (1) 3mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (1)2.75mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (1) 2.5mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (1) 2.25mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (1) 2mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (1) 1.75mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • 28.47mm drop
  • 6.28mm wide
  • Chain notincluded
  • 14 K gold baby box link chain recommended

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