Harmonia Cultured Pearl Necklace & $100 in Stauer Coupons

harmonia cultured pearl necklace & $100 in stauer coupons

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Meet the pearl of her dreams

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No one dreams about getting the same old thing. Especially not the woman you love. Fantasies are about the unusual and unique. I can promise you, right now she’s dreaming of something extraordinary. The only question is: are you going to get it for her? We’ve made it easier than ever before to say "yes." This is it. That moment she was hoping would come eventually. It’s time to introduce her to the one she’s been waiting for: The Harmonia Pearl Necklace.

Here’s a twist on the classic she’s loved forever. Pearls have been in style for thousands of years. But the Harmonia Necklace takes this perennial favorite in a whole new direction. Captivating clusters of genuine cultured freshwater pearls tumble down the 28" necklace, creating a timeless strand of organic beauty the likes of which she’s never seen before. Hand-strung on delicate golden silk-like threads, the naturally-shaped pearls glisten and shimmer with a lustrous pink tone. Graceful as a summer breeze. Out of her dreams and into reality. Don’t miss this chance to get her exactly what she wants at a price that’s a dream come true for you.

  • 14 grams
  • 28" length
  • Light pink Freshwater Pearls
  • No Clasp
  • Strung on Goldensilk like cord
  • Handmade

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