Harmonia Gemstone Earrings

harmonia gemstone earrings

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The fine art of making an impression

A colorful gemstone composition set in a 14K gold frame

Georges Seurat learned how to take apart a rainbow one drop at a time. Somehow, the famous French Impressionist learned how to rearrange the colors and turn them into a painting. But it wasn’t magic. It was more like... music. His technique involved tiny circles of pigment that collided and combined in a symphony of color. He worked for years on the theory that, as an artist, he could arrange different hues to create harmonies. Composers chose melodies. He chose paint. We chose gemstones.

The Harmonia Gemstone Earrings boasts an exquisite collection of smooth London blue topaz, rhodolite garnet and peridot cabochons set amongst a field of brilliant-cut white diamonds. The glittering composition is set into a wide band of solid 14K rose gold with a beautifully worked underside. Each gemstone glistens like a dollop of wet paint or morning dew.

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