Heirloom Pearl Brooch

heirloom pearl brooch

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Pass up your inheritance

There’s something special about that family heirloom item, that piece of luxury vintage jewelry handed down from mother to daughter since time immemorial. And every time it’s passed down, the whole family agrees that antique treasures stand out next to modern jewelry. Maybe it’s the defiantly old-fashioned look; maybe it’s because Victorian jewelers both pioneered and perfected the large ornate brooch with strong floral designs giving a nod to nature. Maybe it’s just that luxury is unmistakable, whether 100 years ago or today.

We’ve taken our cue from those antique beauties to design a timeless piece and start a new tradition in your family. The Stauer Heirloom Brooch captures the best elements of antique jewelry by decorating a rhodium-finished flower shape with glittering crystal, and adding a freshwater cultured pearl at the center. It’s the spirit of the past, for a price that’s very much in the present. Best of all, this is the family heirloom that you don’t have to wait to inherit. Pass the Heirloom Brooch up from daughter to mother and remind her that she’s special.

  • (1)10mm Button Freshwater Pearl
  • (50)1.3mm – 2mm Round White Crystals
  • 2” Wide
  • 1.5” Long
  • Rhodium Plated Brass
  • 14 grams

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