Herakles Knot Drop Earrings

herakles knot drop earrings

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A legendary labor of love

The mythical Twelve Labors of Herakles included slaying a nine-headed hydra, capturing a giant boar, and defeating a flock of man-eating birds. But his toughest task, by far, was to take the belt of Hippolytes, the proud queen of a warrior race. Women don’t part with beloved possessions for any reason, and that goes double for warrior women. But Herakles, the charmer, impressed the queen by being honest about his mission. This heroic bit of persuasion was so legendary, Ancient Romans would tie a Herakles Knot around the waist of a new bride, with her husband the only man allowed to untie it.

You can do one better than Herakles and present your warrior queen with a prize that represents your devotion. The Herakles Knot Drop Earrings features yellow-gold-finished Herakles Knots on French wire. The interlocking loops of each knot symbolize a unity that cannot be untied, and it would take something more persuasive than a Greek god for her to part with it.

  • 7.9 grams weight
  • 1 3/4" drop
  • 14.7mm wide
  • 4.87mm thick
  • French hook
  • 24k goldfinish over brass

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