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Magic spells that come in threes

There’s something about the holidays that brings out the love, the joy and not to mention the kid in all of us. ‘Tis the season of fantastic tales of an adventurous, good-hearted snowman. And when families gather to play and sled in the snow. It really is a time of magic.

Here at Stauer, we’ve captured that spirit with this beautiful Holiday Trio Collection. Two precious pendants and a sterling silver rope chain to proudly display them. Our Perly Snowman Pendant may not have a corn cob pipe or a button nose, but by cleverly stacking three white organic rounds, Stauer has crafted the perfect luxury companion for the holiday season. And because each luminescent sphere is the color of freshly fallen snow, we had to include a bonus – the Sterling Silver & Ruby Red DiamondAura® Sled Pendant.

Was there any greater joy as a kid around Christmas than flying downhill on your favorite sled? The invigorating bite of the chill wind in your face. The thrill of the whizzing by your friends. As you grew up though, those joys shifted to quieter, more romantic activities. There’s just something childishly exciting about being with the one you love. This year, remind her of that magic with the Holiday Trio Collection.  

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