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The naked truth about diamonds

What real diamonds look like — 3 carats of unfinished beauty!

There is no man on Earth who can cut a diamond like this. Today, the best cutters in Belgium use computers and high-powered lasers in the pursuit of perfection. But once upon a time, diamond geology was more important than geometry. Before cutting and polishing became an art form, the precious stones pulled from the ground were accepted exactly as they were. When miners in the fabled Indian city of Golconda collected diamonds for 16th-century royalty, all they did was wash away the dirt. They believed altering the stone from its natural state sapped all of its healing and protective power. A cut diamond lost all its magic. And a diamond without magic is just an ordinary stone.

You won't find any ordinary stones in our House of Bruges™ Raw Diamond Collection. Staying true to the old-fashioned aesthetic, we've captured three carats of genuine raw diamond — unpolished and uncut — and wrapped them in 14K gold vermeil.

Centuries after the first diamond was cut, modern jewelers have learned to appreciate the beauty of a diamond in the buff. We still adore the way that light dances through a brilliant-cut white diamond, but there's something special about an untouched gemstone that formed over millions of years underground. Other high-end retailers are happy to charge you thousands for the privilege of flaunting these unfinished beauties, but only Stauer can deliver this much genuine diamond for so little.

The Raw Diamond Ring features three uncut diamonds, each hand-fitted into a "cage" of 14K gold vermeil loops that holds it in place. At the center of the bloom, we've set a glittering trio of lab-created DiamondAura®. The superior fire and near-flawless clarity of these three scientifically-crafted rounds make a stunning complement to the larger raw natural diamonds. The ring puts it all forward on a gold vermeil band and the matching pendant dangles artfully from an 18" chain. Only one question remains: Are you ready for the rough stuff?

  • (3) Raw diamonds
  • (1) 2mm round Lab created DiamondAura
  • (1) 2.5mm round labcreated DiamondAura
  • (1) 3mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • 3 carats total weight
  • 23.91mm drop
  • 16.8mm wide
  • 14K gold vermeil
  • 3.8grams weight

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