Irises by Vincent van Gogh Reproduction

Irises by Vincent van Gogh Reproduction

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The lightning conductor

“Irises” by Vincent van Gogh

In 1889, Vincent van Gogh was near the end of his life, but at the peak of his career when he painted "Irises." It was at Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, the asylum in Saint-Remy where — struggling with anxiety and depression — he poured himself into his work and produced close to 130 paintings during his final year.

Van Gogh even called this painting “the lightning conductor for my illness.” Working from nature in the hospital's garden, van Gogh drew inspiration from stylized Japanese woodblock prints and captured the essence of the blue flowers with strong lines, skewed angles and bold color. When "Irises" was bought in 1987 for $53.9 million, it set a record for the most expensive painting ever sold. Today it remains in the all time top ten (ranked by sale price), along with three other works by the celebrated Dutch master. You can see the original on display at The Getty in Los Angeles, or enjoy the next best thing in your own living room.

Turn your living room into the Louvre!

As an art lover, I would stand in the Musee d'Orsay all day, hypnotized by the tiny brush strokes and sublime swirls of color. And part of me always wanted to bring home a Picasso, Matisse or a Van Gogh. But then there was always that issue of price. I never seemed to have an extra $100 million lying around. Now I don't need it. Not since we discovered these stunning hand-painted reproductions of some of the greatest works of art in history.

Officially, I'm not an art historian. But I've been to some of the finest museums in the world and have to say that the detail and craftsmanship in these paintings is remarkable. If you've ever stood face to face with a true masterpiece, you know that there's no substitute for real oil paint on canvas. These reproductions are created one brush stroke at a time, by classically trained artists. There's no computer manipulation and no assembly line.

In fact, it takes at least 10 days before the paintings are even dry enough to handle. Each masterpiece reproduction is a genuine, hand-painted oil on canvas, set into a sturdy, antique-gilded frame. Each work (including frame) measures 20" x 24". Specific frame design details may vary.

  • Hand painted in oil
  • 28” x 24” framed
  • Antique gilded frame
  • Original Artist—Vincent Van Gogh

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Irises Reproduction

This was a gift to my wife after our home make-over. This unique piece added a bit of intrigue to our collection of oil paintings. It is very well done and of top quality. Bravo!


Pelham, AL