Islamorada Citrine Necklace & Bracelet Set

islamorada citrine necklace & bracelet set

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Endless summer sun

Bask in the warm glow of 480-carats of citrine!

Soft moonlight ripples on the water as the waves kiss the island sand, and the perfumed scent of frangipani permeates the air. Your hand is tangled in hers as she follows you across the sand. Tables are arranged along the tropical beach, candles flickering on top — but it’s the infinity of sparkles around her neck and wrist that you notice. Soft music emanates from speakers hidden in the palm trees, and she whispers, “This is beautiful.” She touches the smooth dangling gems. You smile. “So are you.”

She’s wearing a little bit of the tropics around her slender neck and wrist. Inspired by the seascape of the Florida Keys, our Islamorada Necklace and Bracelet Set features 480-carats of exquisite citrine imported from equatorial Brazil. Even the name evokes the aromas of the islands, the scent of lime trees wafting on the warm breeze.

The 26” multi-strand necklace and 7" bracelet are a cascade of glimmering citrine gems, summery and light, echoing the color of the dunes, of pale cattails poking through the sand. The clasp and textured end caps are gold-finished, capturing the sun in daylight, and reflecting a woman’s natural beauty after dark. The Islamorada Citrine Necklace and Bracelet Set is perfect for sharing nightcaps on the beach, or making a splashy, colorful statement in the light of day. It’s the summer sun that never sets.

  • Set includes Necklace & Earrings
  • 26" Necklace with 400 Carats of Citrine
  • 7.5"Bracelet with 80 Carats of Citrine

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