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Perfecting the science of satisfaction

Lessons from a 17th-century gardener lead to the creation of our stunning Calabria Pear Collection

The king's appetite for luxury was legendary. Louis XIV demanded the best the world had to offer and every day, his demands were met. One of his most complicated cravings was for food that wasn't in season. In order to fulfill his majesty's request, someone would have to find a way to outsmart nature.

Royal gardener Jean-Baptiste developed a technique for growing the king's favorite foods all year long. Among them was the prized Bon Chrétien pear, bought to France a century earlier by a beloved Italian saint. Inspired by the royal fruits of his labor, we've created the Calabria Pear Collection.

This spectacular collection pairs the vivid green of Scienza™ emeralds with the near-flawless fire of our lab-created DiamondAura®. Much like Jean-Baptiste's 17th-century greenhouse techniques, the mineral composition, heat, and pressure of Scienza are all controlled in the laboratory. The result is a man-made emerald with more luster and brilliance than most mined stones. This lab created emerald pear is identical to the natural gem in most every way...except price. Now everybody can order from the royal menu.

Each piece showcases our exclusive, scientifically-grown creations. The Calabria Ring radiates with a 1 ⅓-carat Scienza emerald pear that sits high on an ornate throne of .925 sterling silver paved with white DiamondAura rounds. Enjoy seconds and thirds with the matching necklace and earrings. This royal collection proves that luxury is always in season. Bon appetite!

  • Available in sizes 5 – 10
  • 15mm wide
  • Tarnish Free Sterling Silver
  • 2 1/3 carattotal weight
  • (63) 1mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (1) 10mm x 7mm Teardropshaped Lab created emerald
  • 15mm long
  • 3.55 grams total weight

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