Lab-created Sapphire & Diamondaura Oval Ring

lab-created sapphire & diamondaura oval ring

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Time to cast your vote

Are you a red, a blue... or both? That's right, in this election you can choose "all the above." Because when it comes to the sensational collection of sparkling of lab-created Scienza® rubies and sapphires, there is no such thing as partisanship. There is no conservative or liberal. No left or right. There is only "wow."

It's taken decades to get these scientifically-crafted blue, beauties to look this good. The process behind our exclusive Scienza creates sapphires that are optically identical to their natural counterparts. You can look for flaws and inclusions, but you won't find any. Shopping for natural, mined gems this stunning will set you back thousands a carat. But if order today, you can get this Lab-created Sapphire & DiamondAura® Oval Ring for our exclusive Stauer price! Democracy has never felt so decadent!

  • 5 CTW
  • (1) 11 x 9mm Oval Lab Sapphire
  • (2) 6 x 4mm Oval DiamondAura
  • Whole sizes5-10
  • Nickel Free
  • Tarnish Free
  • Rhodium Plated
  • .925 Sterling Silver

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