lachaine bracelet

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A chain of influence

This bracelet could get people talking. They might think you've struck it big. Rumors will spread about summers in Europe, winters in your Aspen chalet and glamorous celebrity laden parties in between. They will think your biggest problem is choosing which movie premiere to attend. And of course, everyone will wonder which fabulous Rodeo Drive boutique you found it in.

Let them talk. And let them go looking up and down Rodeo Drive. They can even peek in the windows along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. But they won't find this bracelet. What they will find is plenty that look similar... for thousands of dollars more. They can have them. This one's yours.

The Lachaine Bracelet is an 8" luxury lifestyle statement, made with gold-finished stainless steel links that glimmer with opulent flash. Every third link provides some soft balance with a warm chocolate-toned ceramic link giving the piece a hand-crafted artisan's touch. But just know that Stauer cannot be held responsible for the envious stares that will be coming your way.

  • 62 gram weight
  • 15mm wide
  • Fold over clasp
  • 8” length
  • Ceramic links
  • Gold cladsteel links

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