Latitude Lapis Bracelet

Latitude Lapis Bracelet

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Latitude adjustment

Experience the ultimate in blue luxury!

A great oceanographer once declared his love to be "as deep and vast as the ocean blue" — and it's little wonder why. Long before they were mapped and charted by maritime explorers, the mysteries of the ocean captivated poets and artists alike. The size of the ocean symbolizing the depth of our emotion, its color representing the eternal and boundless nature of love.

It's a beautiful paradox that the deep blue of our Latitude Lapis Bracelet come not from the ocean, but from the ground on which we stand. Lapis lazuli, first mined in Persia in the third-century, B.C., is synonymous worldwide with the ultimate, undying shade of blue. In powdered form, it was used by Cleopatra as a vibrant eye-shadow; as a stone, it can be found in the Taj Mahal. As a bracelet, lapis luzuli is an unsurpassed symbol of a deep and abiding love.

Our bracelet erupts in immutable blue, complimented by the sparkle of natural gold flecks and decorative spacers finished in luxurious gold. Add with our matching necklace and earrings for an effect that is nothing less than extraordinary. The Latitude Collection represents your earthly love and the ocean's tranquility — with no life-preserver necessary.

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This a very nice collection. The whole set--earrings, bracelet, and necklace look so fine on your woman. I am from around the ocean and being a retired Navy man, I have seen many hues of blues in this worlds' oceans. A great reflection that she will treasure and value. A great looking woman with fine accessories such as this makes her really stand out!

Thomas Verrette

Proctor, OK