Louis Comfort Tiffany Scienza® Emerald Mandala Pendant / Brooch

Louis Comfort Tiffany Scienza® Emerald Mandala Pendant / Brooch

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In 2009, an intense yellow diamond ring designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany was up for auction in New York. The estimated sale price was $200,000 to $300,000, but after subtle nods of the head graduated to hand gestures, and the hand gestures grew into raised arms, the final sale price was a whopping $818,500.

Louis Comfort exhibited his first jewelry designs at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904. His hand-wrought, Arts and Crafts style received international acclaim and the man formerly famous for his delicate lamps, vases and tapestries became a world-famous jewelry giant. His unique artistic vision was coveted by high society while he was alive. Now, decades after his death, his work continues to set records in high-end auction houses.

Luxury auctions are not for amateurs. Big money changes hands in a blur. But thanks to Stauer, you can enjoy the rush of an extraordinary auction-worthy treasure, without starting a bidding war. Our Louis Comfort Tiffany inspired jewelry starts and ends at a single price that leaves everyone feeling like a winner.

The spectacular Mandala Pendant is modeled after a 1910 Louis Comfort design that put a shimmering green peridot at the center of intricate gold rope-work. Our version includes a 3-carat, lab-created Scienza® emerald that is molecularly identical to its precious namesake. The exquisite loops and swirls are crafted from the finest .925 sterling silver finished in gleaming yellow gold.

We’ve learned our lessons from the masters of the past and figured out a way to give you access to history’s greatest luxuries. Today we’re able to sell our auction-worthy jewelry at much more reasonable prices, and we won’t accept a penny more, no matter how many times you nod your head.

Add the matching 18" Gold-vermeil Rope Chain for ONLY $59!

  • 5 grams weight
  • 30mm diameter
  • 7mm high
  • (1) 8mm round lab created emerald
  • 3 carattotal weight
  • gold finished over sterling silver

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