Maharajah Tigers Eye BRACELET

maharajah tigers eye bracelet

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You’ve earned your luxury stripes

Our latest international safari captures a stunning trophy of elegant and elusive Tiger’s Eye!

Of all the animals on the Earth, few command respect like the tiger. Sleek and powerful, fast and ferocious, the tiger is one of the largest land carnivores in existence, and seems to know it.

With the majestic beast of the jungle in mind, we’ve created the Maharajah Tiger’s Eye Bracelet. It’s the kind of piece that attracts attention and shows power. The bracelet’s large ovals of polished Tiger’s Eye quartz are worth staring at, and its gold-finished links prove that this piece is the epitome of luxury.

The tiger was one of the most feared animals of Asia, and hunters had to be on their very best game if they were going after the largest of the cats. Our philosophy? Leave the real cats alone.

While some Asian cultures believed that parts of a tiger have medicinal properties, we’re sticking with Tiger’s Eye. Its breathtaking stripes, silky luster and jaw-dropping golden coloring, make you feel like you’re staring down a wild Bengal in the jungle every time you look at it.

Ancient Chinese legends also claim that Tiger’s Eye has its own special powers and healing qualities, aiding its wearers physically, mentally and emotionally. Supposedly, it balances yin and yang, and aids in concentration and seeing things clearly.

You’re free to believe whatever you want, but there’s no denying that the Maharajah Tiger’s Eye Bracelet looks spectacular. Next time you feel like it’s a jungle out there, take a look at this bracelet and bask in the knowledge that you’ve got the world by the tail.

  • 24 grams
  • 7 ½” length with a 1” extender
  • 100 carats total weight
  • (3) 17/19mm x25/28mm faceted oval tiger eyes
  • Gold plated links
  • Lobster Claw clasp

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