Majestic Ruby Red DiamondAura® Pendant

majestic ruby red diamondaura® pendant

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Previously undisclosed tactic to finding the center of your universe

The Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii was the perfect place to make all our dreams come true. We gazed into the heavens at the most beautiful cosmic wonders.  Its majestic splendor touched our souls and prompted personal insight into the magnitude of our world and the happiness that I felt knowing that I had her. I would never be alone in this universe.

The glory of this event inspired these heavenly beauties that only Stauer could create to capture the true spirit of love and togetherness. The man-made Majestic Ruby Red DiamondAura® Pendant showcases a bold, round-cut DiamondAura ruby red center orbited by 17, round-cut, brilliant white DiamondAura. The entire pendant is over 2-carats that burst with more fire, more radiance than mined diamonds and allows the light to disperse into an exquisite prism of colors. Sometimes in life we may not feel centered, but with the Majestic Ruby Red DiamondAura Pendant, you can show her she is the center of your universe.

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