Meccanico Cufflinks Set (Silver & Gold)

Meccanico Cufflinks Set (Silver & Gold)

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What makes a great man tick?

He’s the man who has it all figured out. One look at him, and you can tell he’s the epitome of cool. It’s not any one thing about him, it’s the whole package together. It’s the cut of his shirt and the laugh lines around his eyes. It’s the stitching of his jacket and assuredness of his step. It’s the easy poise with which he can navigate a car engine or wine list.

He’s learned that swagger is for boys, and class is for men. He knows that true confidence rolls off the cuff, when all the details fall together like a fine-tuned machine and you only have to worry about the present. And to celebrate this love of precision, he wears Meccanico Watch Movement Gold & Silver Cufflinks.

Comprised of actual movements taken from wind-up watches of the early to mid-20th century, these cufflinks embody man’s ingenuity and can-do spirit. The moving gears, levers and jewels set this piece head and shoulders above the pack, and are sure to impress with its clockwork cool.

  • Comes with two pairs of cufflinks
  • 20mm Diameter
  • 6.2mm thick
  • Manual Movement
  • 28 grams per pair

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