Melloria Gemstone Ring

melloria gemstone ring

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Secret decoder ring for lovers

This Melloria Ring is directly related to a puzzling piece invented back in the 18th century by a Parisian jeweler who served the courts of Empress Josephine and Marie Antoinette. Known as "acrostic jewelry," the trick was to spell out secret messages and sentiments using the first letters of gemstones.

Victorian-era French and British couples adored hidden meanings and games of the heart. They were like romantic spies, courting covertly and adding intrigue to their passionate indiscretions.

Sounds like fun. But sometimes when you have a good thing, you just want to come out and say it. That’s why I’m going to blow our cover and say that when you order today, you can bring home this stunning 1 ¾-carat ring for our exclusive Stauer price and you get it for well below the appraised value!

  • 1 ¾ carats total weight
  • (1) 6mm x 4mm Oval Amethyst
  • (1) 6mm x 4mm Oval BlueTopaz
  • (1) 6mm x 4mm Oval Citrine
  • (1) 6mm x 4mm Oval Garnet
  • (1) 6mm x 4mmOval Peridot
  • Gold over sterling silver
  • Available in sizes 5 -10
  • 7.38mm length
  • 5mm high
  • 4.02 gram weight

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