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Never give up the ship

Whenever my uncle's Navy buddies came over, they told me stories about life at sea. I was just a kid, so every word brought a thrill. They spoke of adventure in exotic-sounding places like Java, Borneo and Guadalcanal. And when they mentioned their ships, it sounded like they were describing long-lost loves. I was hooked.

Looking at these Navy Insignia Rings, I can't help but think of "the Boys" crowded around our dining room table under a hazy cloud of cigar smoke. On poker nights they were all there, grumbling about bad cards and the state of the world. I could barely see over the table, but I remember the rings. Thick gold rings that marked them as American sailors. They shined in the light like sacred objects and I wanted one like nobody's business.

We've recreated the look and feel of those vintage bands with our Navy Insignia Rings. Each features a sturdy 18K gold vermeil shank with a bezel-set square of jet black onyx or brilliant blue lapis lazuli. Atop each precious stone canvas is a detailed version of the Navy's famous Eagle and anchor emblem. The onyx shines with a high-gloss and the rich blue lapis shimmers with golden-hued inclusions. It doesn't matter whether you once served (or currently serve) with pride or just appreciate those who did (and do), these striking Navy Insignia Rings are a stylish way to show your unwavering support.

  • 18 K yellow gold vermeil
  • Available in sizes 8-14
  • Available with Black Onyx orLapis Lazuli
  • 17mm square

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