Meteorite Ring

meteorite ring

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It Came From Outer Space

One million years ago, a visitor from beyond the stars came screaming out of the sky and rattled mountains when it hit. It sat quiet through four Ice Ages, waiting to be discovered. In 1906, humans made contact and the result was more extraordinary than anyone could imagine...

If you've ever wondered what was "out there," wonder no more. The Stauer Meteorite Ring brings a piece of the universe to you. Inside the .925 sterling silver band, you'll find a genuine fragment of the oldest meteorite known to man, an authentic souvenir of a lost alien world.

This is not science fiction. First discovered by Scandinavian villagers, the meteorite was named for a nearby river. The historic "Muonionalusta" is a true piece of something out of this world…. way out of this world. Chemists were shocked to find a whole host of minerals not even native to this planet with mysterious names like daubreelite, schreibersite, akaganeite and troilite. The distinctive criss-crossed pattern comes from its extraterrestrial crystal structure that simply doesn't exist anywhere on Earth.

Truly one in a million. Even though the universe is a vast and infinite place, there is only one Muonionalusta meteorite. This rare and important material cannot be mined or manufactured. Rubies, diamonds and emeralds can't compare. Act now, your next chance at interstellar treasure might not land for another million years!

  • 1 Meteorite Stone, "Iron-nickel Meteorite"
  • Only created by a special freezingprocess that happens in outerspace at a rate of 1 degree C down per eachmillion years
  • cannot be copied on Earth
  • setting is .925 Sterling Silver
  • Meteprote Piece is 14mm x 6.7mm

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Well received gift

My husband loves this ring and wears it all the time. I want one to match in a size 5 please.


desert hot springs,ca