mexica 6-strand turquoise necklace

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How to pass for ancient Aztec royalty

Once you drape yourself in 550 carats of the Aztec Empire's most sacred stone, get ready for a mistaken identity of epic proportion

He crossed the party in seconds. Walking through the crowd like the people weren't even there. "You look so familiar," he said. "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" The young woman blushed and shook her head. But the man in the tweed coat insisted. "Yes, I'm almost positive," he said. "You were drawn on the walls inside the Royal Palace of Yautepec. But I must say, those muralists did not do your beauty justice."

She smiled and thanked him and told that nobody had ever mistaken her for a fabled Aztec princess before. But the truth was, it happened every time she wore her 32" Mexica Turquoise Necklace. Strangers stopped her on the street to ask if she was related to Matlalxoch or Atotoztli. When she wore the necklace, men opened doors, hailed cabs and helped her with her bags. People were nice to her when they thought her father was Montezuma or Itzcoatl "The Obsidian Serpent." And she kind of liked the attention, so the necklace stayed on.

You can tell by looking at it that every day wear is not a problem for this necklace. These six cascading strands of beautiful blue-green gemstones go with almost everything. Each smooth-polished stone is unique in shape and coloring and is strung by hand on tough, teal-colored jeweler's thread. All six strands meet in a hand-woven loop of leather that lays comfortably on the back of the neck. The Mexica twists easily to give a sophisticated torsade look or can be worn casually, allowing the individual strings of stone to swing and sway.

Whichever way you choose to wear it, keep in mind that strange compliments will come with the Mexica Turquoise Necklace. Sometimes you'll be asked what life was like in the 15th century. Other people will want to know if Ahuitzod was as mean as they've heard. Our advice is to nod politely, giggle if you must, and enjoy the noble feeling that comes with such a royal wreath of gems.

  • 32 inch length
  • 550 carats total weight
  • lobster claw clasp

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