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nueve necklace

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Make nine her new lucky number

Choose spectacular over subtle with our dramatic Nueve Necklace

Unforgettable evenings start with spectacular jewelry. Finding that perfect look is never easy. You want a balance of elegance and enticement, formality and frivolity. You mix and match in search of the accessory that captures the moment. And once that final piece falls into place and the stars align just right? Magic happens. We have a necklace that can help the magic happen quicker...

One stunning shortcut. Our stylish Nueve Necklace is a 9-stranded cascade of 3-8mm snow white beads that transforms your neckline into a bold statement of personal style. It’s the necklace that puts a punctuation mark at the end of a little black dress or adds flourish to a floral gown. It steals spotlights, turns heads and stokes the jealous fires of other women who are stuck with boring, ordinary baubles. But this remarkable beauty also has a secret...

The sincerest form of flattery. Nobody does pearl perfection better than Mother Nature, but the brilliant glass artists who craft each smooth bead on the Nueve Necklace come exceptionally close. They achieve a uniform size and shine that simply does not happen by accident. The traditional techniques used to craft the Nueve Necklace were pioneered by the Italian glass masters of Murano in the 19th-century. That knowledge was passed between artists all over the world, and today, that ravishing final result can end up draped around your neck.

Nine expertly crafted strands of plunging beads lay with the same luster and luxury as similar-looking necklaces that can sell for hundreds more. Luckily, we believe that everyone deserves the freedom of the finer things, so we’re making this magnificent work of art more accessible than ever. Order today and you can wear the Nueve Necklace for this exclusive, limited-time Stauer price! Just use the Stauer catalog offer code — in the yellow box on back cover — to receive the *promotional price.

  • 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 7mm, & 8mm Round White Glass Pearls
  • 9-Strand Necklace
  • 16” to 24”Strands
  • Silver Colored Brass Lobster Clasp
  • 175 grams

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